Teruhiko turned familiar with Kiyotaka immediately following are groupmates during the summer unique decide to try on the Speranza

Teruhiko is briefly seen in new success shot, in which he berated the girls greatly making use of their more than dependency on issues provided to them. Kiyotaka accepted their readiness about success shot since the he had been happy to deal with a logical address, particularly when Kanji had sound reasoning to have allowing girls a beneficial correct restroom.

He had the original feeling you to definitely Kiyotaka and Kei were airheaded as they seemed like they decided not to see information offered by Mashima Tomoya, among the many planners of your examination. Fundamentally, the guy gently told them an entire details of the matter.

Though he remaining giving clear commentary, within the regularity six of the white books, his relationship with him converted into a familiar means. He is extremely alongside Kiyotaka and also the people in brand new Ayanokoji Category, in which he is discovered to be far more unlock which have Kiyotaka as the better because the almost every other people in the group. They both are also into an initial-name foundation along.

During the Frequency seven, their closeness is emphasized as he candidly pointed out that Kiyotaka has no principle having ladies as the their women family members changes and you will differ periodically. After that, they hung aside into group to go over C-Class, Christmas time or other things.

When you look at the regularity dos 2nd decades, whenever Kiyotaka shown one of is own function, Keisei is considered the most angered of all children from inside the group 2-D. He also thought that Kiyotaka duped simply because the new evaluation just weren’t you are able to to obtain 100 get, and undeniable fact that not any other youngsters except Kiyotaka gets a great finest rating. No matter if Horikita told me the trouble on the classification, Keisei think it is hard to believe along with wanted to get-off the newest Ayanokoji Group just like the the guy are unable to believe Kiyotaka anymore. But, shortly after Airi and you can Haruka intervenes, the guy made a decision to stand significantly less than 1 reputation, hence Kiyotaka need certainly to let him through the analysis lesson. Kiyotaka agrees.

Haruka Hasebe

Although not, Haruka got wanting Kiyotaka in the activities festival during the volume 5, where she turned enthralled by the their physical prowess in his battle facing Manabu Horikita. She began to show this lady expanding demand for your because of the hanging to your, supposed in terms of to consider your this lady greatest guy. not, their attention might or might not enjoys faded immediately following she understood one to the woman pal Airi has serious attitude getting Kiyotaka, in which she made a decision to support her.

However, she was still cheerful and you can held absolutely nothing facing your as the she managed to get clear he’d all of the to like anyone he fancies, regardless if his selection did truly shock the woman

Inside the regularity 6, she started initially to means an incredibly romantic experience of him as better as the most other people in the newest Ayanokoji Group, a group that has been mainly based because of the the girl and you can devoted it so you can Kiyotaka. She together with provided Kiyotaka the newest nickname “Kiyo-pon” or “Ayanon” while they sounded lovable, hinting you to she preferred flirting him a great deal. The two are on an initial-term foundation, and this seemed to http://www.datingranking.net/it/incontri-trans echo how comfy he’s collectively. Haruka seems to take pleasure in talking a great deal that have each other Kiyotaka just like the better as most other members of the group. The woman is along with alot more unlock that have Kiyotaka together with almost every other members of one’s category as opposed to others on group.

On the Next-Year Frequency 5, the latest the quantity of their friendship is actually checked out during the special try. Up until the test, she acted due to the fact mediator and you can mediator to have Airi shortly after Kei revealed the lady link to Kiyotaka ahead of the entire category. She try optimistic you to Airi may still keeps another opportunity as the she went on bombarding Kiyotaka with questions about their relationships if you find yourself calming off Airi as he asked the lady so you can inside the past volumes.

She after that sighed greatly when Kiyotaka reveals that they might have so you’re able to cosplay once the maids because of their category enjoy, complaining your time didn’t be people poor just like the she can’t assume new psychological chaos in Airi.

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