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Due to the Covid-19 malware, we now have set up a see-through plastic shield between the motorist and passengers that adds yet another coating of safety. Inside our car you have available hand sanitizers, bottles , mints (glucose no-cost), gum (sugar cost-free), many different sweets, facial cells, charging you cords, trips video games and now we bring a DVD player to play motion pictures or video clip sounds shows. For your evening skills, we’ve inside LED light that has numerous colors adding outstanding ambiance. We also provide tidy and sanitized covers and pillows.

All hotels come within the cost of the ride.

You have a comfy, enjoyable, and soothing trip knowledge about all of us.

NEMT & Control to Control Solution

NEMT & Control to Suppress Services

NEMT & Control to Control Service

We offer a secure, compassionate and on times

Non-Emergency Health Transportation

We also provide Curb-to-Curb (Cab Style) services. We’re accessible to create short or long distance trips.

We furthermore carry out shipping of

products in a timely manner.

We bring fantastic treatment in creating positive the people’ transport goals are professionally found.

Purpose Report

NEMT & Curb to Curb Services

Mission Declaration

Anderson Transportation Treatments

Courteousness, Reliability, Honesty, Dependability

We strive in order to absolutely the finest transport provider on public for the Southwest Virginia and nearby segments.

We aim for quality in top quality provider and customer care. We furthermore attempt to ensure the safety, safety and benefits your clients during time of their own excursion.

Marked down Prices Available: Name or Content

Common Prices: Call/Text to suit your Unique Speed!

Taking a trip by Flat, Train or Bus?

I have been hearing that people tend to be lacking their particular departure days for routes, trains, and buses simply because they cannot find transportation, especially in the first mornings. Kindly know me as. I enjoy early mornings and being promptly.


Here are the soon after costs for one-way or round-trip transport:

Service will demand this amazing rates for transportation: notice, distance fees all the way to $3.00 per kilometer could be applied for long distance pickups.

Additional Cost

These costs apply at areas within the brand-new River area / Southwest Virginia.

Minimum Charge $30.00 up to and including the most important five (5) miles

Mileage $3.00 per distance

Prepared Time $7.50 per quarter-hour or small fraction thereof, (.50 a minute) at way regarding the traveler. This includes puts a stop to en-route.

These wait occasions charges might be applied at stores for example flight terminals, Train & Bus station, Hotels, etc. whenever looking forward to pre-scheduled passenger(s) because of delays after planned pick-up period.

Discounted Rate Available: Call or Text for Price


More Expenses

a) cleansing fee: If, inside carrier’s reasonable opinion, any passenger(s) soils the vehicle as to give they in an unpresentable disease for further use, a washing cost of $300.00 are examined against that passenger or passengers.

b) Damage fee: cars tend to be thoroughly examined by provider before every excursion. Any damage to chairs, screens, or other products or parts of the car, inside or outside, and is as a result of any traveler or people shall be the duty of this individuals or passenger in addition to expense on carrier ND title loans when it comes to maintenance of such problems shall be compensated of the passenger(s).

c) Tolls, charges, and particular Charges: The costs here usually do not incorporate link, ferry, canal, or highway tolls, entrances costs or charges for unique licenses or permits. An added charge will be examined for real cost of this type of tolls, charges, or special fees.

d) at the least 10per cent service/ exchange charge could be included with any charges paid by credit card, Venmo, Cash application, Zelle, GPay, PayPal, or any other types of exchange of costs. This rates will change based on the different monetary companies mentioned previously. Note: these charge tend to be an immediate go through of these team costs.

NOTICE: No individual inspections, bitcoin or other forms of electronic money will be recognized but earnings are acceptable.

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