Which Disney Little princess Will you be Based on The Enneagram Method of?

Disney Princesses provides good, unique stories and https://datingranking.net/tr/xmeets-inceleme/ personalities. But which Disney Princess are you currently? The new Enneagram can help fans get a hold of its meets.

Disney is known for its iconic Princesses, have a tendency to undertaking a different you to definitely all the few years. They have been entertaining viewers of various age groups as 1937 with their tales off faraway Princesses, and so they all of the has good, line of characters. Regarding Mulan’s strong moral compass in order to Cinderella’s fascination with tranquility, for each Little princess is exclusive.

The fresh new Enneagram Types are an easy way to describe many of these personalities. The brand new Enneagram is comprised of 9 many types you to definitely explain mans reasons and you can relationships. It’s less on the external personality and more about what makes someone tick. Complimentary the brand new Disney Princesses with our products makes the films a whole lot more fun!

nine Form of step 1 – Moana

Sort of 1’s are known as The newest Reformers. Their very first require is adjust the world to them to possess other people and you can themselves. He or she is driven by the ethics in addition to their good ethical viewpoints. Whenever 1’s are at the bad, he is subject to the Inner Critic you to definitely constantly sets them off.

Moana try a questionnaire step one due to the lady have to raise their village. She desires nothing more than commit outside the reef because she believes it creates existence best for all. Whenever Moana’s procedures end in Maui’s hook to compromise, their Interior Critic says to the lady she is actually never ever supposed to cut Te Fiti. She soon finds out it in her to test once again and saves this lady house and Te Fiti.

8 Type of dos – Anna

Type of 2’s will be Helpers of your own Enneagram. The fundamental demand for a two is usually to be called for and you can they often times anxiety separation, however they are approachable and you can amicable. They are always ready to assist those and are generally extremely good at wanting others’ requires.

This is the perfect style of to have Anna off Suspended. Pursuing the event that have Elsa’s energy, Anna gets just as isolated as the her sister, and therefore she only desires to be needed. Anna is additionally one of the friendliest Disney Princesses. She befriends Kristoff, Sven, and you may Olaf on her behalf answer to let Elsa. Whether or not she has not yet invested long having Elsa, she actually is sophisticated within expertise exactly what she needs and you can enabling the lady get it.

seven Form of step 3 – Tiana

Sort of 3’s will be the Achievers. They wish to become appreciated and you can recognized as winning. He or she is extremely afraid of inability and so have a tendency to struggle with to be workaholics. Yet not, they’re also most ingenious and you can challenging, including in a position to in the most common affairs.

There’s absolutely no greatest Little princess to own Type of step three than Tiana. The latest Princess additionally the Frog centers greatly to the Tiana’s think of possessing a restaurant along with her ensuing workaholic tendencies (and something of the finest Disney Little princess rates). Immediately after becoming turned into an excellent frog, Tiana shows by herself to-be really resourceful whenever she renders Naveen an excellent 5-celebrity buffet in the bayou. Tiana sooner or later discovers she can reach her goals rather than functioning herself on the ground. Instead, she finds out getting fun and you can like their existence which have Naveen.

6 Form of cuatro – Belle

Form of 4’s are known as The latest Individualists. Their key need is getting novel and you may completely understand on their own. 4’s is actually determined by the the desire to be special and you can display on their own to the world. They may be strained which have feeling so much more damaged than others up to him or her.

Belle was definitely a form 4. 4’s are usually really imaginative and that manifests in Belle given that her getting a great bookworm. She understands other townspeople see their and her father because outsiders, and therefore she commonly feels as though some thing have to be completely wrong together with her. Belle likes are herself and has now nothing wrong speaking of her courses to the townspeople, while they notice it strange. She only desires select someplace, and you can someone, who will like their and you may understand the girl due to the fact she’s. It’s these types of features that produce Belle probably one of the most appreciated Princesses.

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