Single Muslim greatest the net Islamic matchmaking marketplace

Established in 2000, UK-based one Muslim is the leading international Islamic matchmaking web site. It will be the 1st mover helping youthful UK Muslims get a hold of daily life couples using the internet. The working platform offers an alternative, Islamically appropriate program for young Muslims to interact in order to find their living mate.

Single Muslim was launched each time once dating online was acquiring traction. The ability to fulfill possible daily life business partners in an adaptable, modern-day manner got an unmet requirement at the same time the company would be launched. There had been a generation of more youthful Muslims frustrated with traditional matchmaking that engaging societal pressures, and sometimes brought about many eligible Muslims not able to locate someone.

“The main reason is that we were the most important creation of [young] Muslims [in the UK] desperate for couples. Normally, marriages were positioned between homes and Muslims assumed forced because mothers relied on unique, often dated activities,” said CEO and president Adeem Younis.

Since the interest in online matrimonial business increase among younger years of Muslims, needed available from Single Muslim will be progressively vital. The working platform has the exact same functionality as online dating services, such as the capability talk, message and hook up, but is designed around severe relationships.

“The thing to remember about any of it service is the fact that truly basic toward the values of Muslims, and it’s a “completion of one’s belief” sorts of services and critical to the expanding and rising demographic,” mentioned Younis.


  1. Over ten percent associated with the UK’s approximate 2.5 million Muslims were licensed with all the webpages
  2. They have facilitated over 10,000 games triggering marriages since inception


The global marketplace for online dating services got estimated at $2.1 billion in 2014 by marketing research business IBISWorld, with an estimated CAGR of 3 per cent through 2020.

The Islamic notion of matchmaking is dissimilar basically from ‘conventional’ matchmaking and Muslim needs, in particular those of Muslim millennials, who’ve been unaddressed by main-stream sites.

The actual Muslim marketplace for Islamic on line matchmaking exceeded $120 million in 2014, presuming Muslims express 6 per cent of total markets worth, in the same percentage to Muslim express of the Consumer-Facing online financial state, as featured through the say for the worldwide Islamic economic system 2015/16 report by Thomson Reuters in partnership with DinarStandard.

Comprehending the distinctive wants of Muslims, one Muslim has undertaken that provides an Islamically appropriate platform for youthful Muslims to interact and locate the right life partner.


Single Muslim features dedicated to the Muslim industry, and interests Muslims as a “service for Muslims owned by Muslims”, unlike other online matchmaking treatments that, as stated by Younis, usually provide a “white-label product or service” that will be marketed to Muslims with regards to other associations, but may typically create some other service which could clash with all the beliefs of Muslims..

Creating success stories across a variety of neighborhoods might critical to one Muslim constructing trustworthiness concerning people. As mentioned in its website, it generates no less than four successes each day, and evidently displays these stories as an element of their essential promotion effort.

The working platform even offers a great solution to competitor which underlines they’s self-confidence in promoting.

Younis stated, “We incorporate challenge and believe that they presses understanding of the matrimonial facilities while the need to have it, and it is perhaps not untypical for Muslims to utilize a few service before carefully deciding which best suits their requirements.”

One Muslim has also widened into other markets, along with the U.S., Canada, the Middle eastern and Pakistan.


Sole Muslim has become adept an including parents during the research processes and includes gave them the opportunity to make pages, acquiring the steps begun prior.

“In my opinion people have to be much active in the on-line choice system, and start imagining this process very much early in the day. Muslims also have to end up being informed at a more youthful get older regarding their features and responsibilities…Most people urge homes to acquire concerned within the outset and celebrate children participation within the look processes. The Truth Is, we see that among the gains cities for our companies.”


Sole Muslim is expecting good development in the interest in using the internet Islamic matchmaking, underpinned by a younger demographic which call for matchmaking solutions in approaching year. .


The leading challenges the platform faced ended up being scaling the organization, largely around money advertising and tech campaigns.

However, despite this, they have a tougher business design and was able to make investments internally without in need of extensive exterior finances, confirmed Younis.

Another difficulty may raising contest in the market for Islamic on the internet matchmaking. However, the business anticipates to maintain their basic competitive advantages.

“There are going to be increased entrants getting into the market industry because expansion and elegance, specially as new income will come in from VC agencies. Particularly, most people may also see much more mainstream professionals trying to concentrate on the Muslim market…However, we all preserve our differences, and that is which we aren’t frivolous but offering a very, very serious concept,” Younis said.


Centering on the Muslim purchaser segment for providers that need specific tailoring to Islamic values is workable sufficient to establish critical level.

Build success stories and markets those certainly to potential consumers and subscribers.

Locate different important influencers inside the on the internet dating/matchmaking processes and in addition handle these people inside marketing and advertising and products technique.

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