People ‘lured Tinder date to their home next raped her’, test told

Ahmed Zamen, 43, is implicated of a total of five counts including rape. A jury read how their alleged prey gave up wanting to fight back because she ‘couldn’t place your off’

  • 18:02, 26 JAN 2021

Men lured a Tinder date to their residence and raped her despite their claiming no “at minimum 20 times”, a courtroom keeps read.

Ahmed Zamen, 43, declines raping the girl at his dull in Cardiff this past year, claiming the alleged sufferer came to their belongings and engaged in intercourse voluntarily.

The offence try alleged to have chosen to take place from the defendant’s house in Cathays where pair met the very first time. The complainant will not refuse that she knowingly decided to go to Zamen’s homes but mentioned that she decided not to permission to their intimate advances.

Zamen is actually implicated of two matters of sexual attack, certainly attempted rape, certainly one of assault by penetration, and another of rape. He denies all matters.

The judge heard that after making their property the complainant – who’s got automatic lifelong privacy – contacted the police and Zamen ended up being arrested these day.

Mr Griffiths discussed your alleged target failed to know how to get to the club and therefore requested the postcode to which Zamen responded with his own postcode.

Following alleged sufferer stated this apparent mistake Zamen re-sent exactly the same postcode and recommended she park at their property, in Cogan Terrace, as well as could stroll to the club.

She agreed and after arriving is asked in to the home. The two spoke and the alleged victim said she have one cup of liquid therefore the defendant drank orange juice.

In a video clip interview played into legal the complainant mentioned although she felt uneasy in the home she consented these types of behavior.

Mr Griffiths alleged the defendant after that tried to think within the woman’s very top that she mentioned: “No”. Really after that alleged which he began experiencing the top her feet through their trousers and raised the lady very top to kiss her tits.

Additionally, it is alleged that while on the sofa the defendant positioned the complainant’s give inside their undergarments to the touch his genitals.

Explaining the so-called event within her video clip meeting, the complainant mentioned she “sunk in to the couch and tried to push out” to make it clear she got uneasy throughout the experience.

The judge read how the defendant next pulled this lady into a located place and relocated to the bed room where the guy undressed down to their undies.

Whenever requested the key reason why she performedn’t attempt to put the house at this point she stated she “didn’t know”. She mentioned she was unwilling to go into the rooms and is “wary of in which the guy wished to take it” but said she was not used truth be told there by energy. The defendant subsequently unclothed down to his underwear whilst complainant stayed totally clothed.

As soon as in the room its alleged that the defendant sexually attacked the complainant and also raped their.

In a video clip interview played into legal the complainant stated she had mentioned “no about 20 occasions” and quit trying to react because she “couldn’t place him off” and wasn’t “strong enough”.

She stated by the point Zamen started to rape their she “didn’t understand point of claiming no anymore” and that the guy “was likely to perform exactly what he wanted to would anyway”.

The alleged prey then said inside interview the defendant telephoned a buddy to arrange appointment up for delicacies. After both alleged sufferer and Zamen left the flat and parted means.

She telephoned a buddy explaining exactly what have took place and checked out two pharmacies finding the morning after capsule. Later on that nights she reported the experience to authorities.

In cross-examination protection barrister Nick Gedge questioned the alleged sufferer on her behalf statement on “looking for a manner out” although the so-called attack occurred in the bedroom.

Mr Gedge stated: “Had you maybe not looked-for a manner out before this?” and described the trip in the dull the complainant got obtained on appearance.

She demonstrated that she didn’t suggest an actual physical “way out” but instead meant to remove by herself psychologically through the scenario.

The protection also requested why the alleged sufferer had not tried to exit the specific situation after the incident from the couch. Mr Gedge said: “the reason why didn’t pay a visit to the restroom? This might be a normal thing for a lady accomplish currently. Do You still the sack since you noticed safe up to now?”

The complainant responded that while she was actually uneasy making use of the experience from the couch she had no interest of what might continue to happen.

The defence additionally described sms within defendant therefore the complainant in mid-day prior to the set appointment face-to-face.

In a WhatsApp discussion in the day throughout the day they found the judge heard just how a note from defendant browse: “If we have on we are able to cool at mine” and “If we get attracted I’ve have drink at mine.”

The judge then read the alleged victim responded: “Doesn’t indicate I’m agreeing to not I’m not claiming no also.”

Mr Gedge recommended the two had gender from the house but your complainant got “fully involved and consenting”. He additionally suggested the complainant was actually disappointed that Zamen slice the nights short by arranging in order to meet a friend and this the complainant “regretted” sex together with the defendant. The alleged target disputed a few of these recommendations.

Zamen denies all five counts therefore the test keeps.

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