Coupling which together warmth, she’s got surprise passion for risk and you may experiencing stunning and you will sudden events


This page is actually for Honey Orange, the film profile. On her behalf comical similar, look for Aiko Miyazaki. Toward manga type off their, see Honey Lemon (manga).

Honey Orange is actually a primary reputation within the Larger Character 6. She’s a member of the new superhero cluster Big Character six.


  • step 1 Record
  • dos Character
  • 3 Looks
  • 4 Vitality and you will Abilities
  • 4.1 Gadgets
  • 4.2 Race Suits
  • 5 Record
  • six Trivia
  • seven Styles


Not much known much regarding Honey Orange, whether or not “Larger Champion six new Show”, within the Year 2 episode cuatro, “Something’s Fishy” Honey Orange states highschool is where she fell so in love with biochemistry, in addition to mentioning exactly how she fell deeply in love with French exchange pupil Andre. Just like the a kid, she had taste to own clothing and preparing. She along with experimented in her own family members’ device shed (and this suffered awful outcomes) with chemical found according to the kitchen sink.

The woman passion for biochemistry soon provided the girl to help you enrollment within San Fransokyo Institute regarding Technology towards goal of launching opportunity-productive, environmentally friendly chemical substances formulas.


Honey is a tremendously wise, self-announced “biochemistry whiz” and you may a very bubbly and you can optimistic lady as the cute due to the fact the girl namesake folded to the an enthusiastic exuberant ball of energy. Perhaps many extroverted person in Huge Hero 6, Honey is definitely optimistic, perky, optimistic, sweet, compassionate and you can outbound; when this woman is as much as, she brings folks into the a better spirits and you can alleviates disagreement. Honey wants living the action with her members of the family and you can generally seems to discover all things in lifetime interesting, for this reason she never finds out an excellent melancholic or dull time. This woman is humorously photogenic and you may tends to just take photographs and you will selfies along with her friends assuming she discovers an extra you to definitely excites the girl. Despite the girl lovely character, Honey can occasionally eliminate their temper.

Close to the lady bubbly character, Honey’s cleverness is actually serious and it has a sexual passion for biochemistry and you will character, to the level of eccentricity. This can be showed of the fact that handling unsafe and you may unpredictable ingredients inside her type of really works cannot faze their in the every – quite the opposite, the woman is thrilled to take part in it.

Of the many the woman teammates, Honey is even probably the most watchful. Throughout their day because the heroes, she managed to interpret a great many other items of evidence concerning your title and aim of Yokai, having receive his renovated webpage, in addition to a recording to demonstrate their true objectives. That it arguably identifies the reality that Honey is one of intelligent member of the group, other than Hiro.

Predicated on extra information, Honey is very environment, because the girl love of biochemistry along with comes from her want to work with the nation. She thinks in using biochemistry to a single time change industrial and potentially pollutive tips that have easy and safe apps.

In the event she actually is considered a lover away from biochemistry, she and establish a fascination with artwork, however, kept that it a secret of the lady family unit members as research and you will artwork were noticed reverse sides because of the students out of San Fransokyo Institute out of Technology while the San Fransokyo Artwork Institute; and also the simple fact that each other universities try opponent institutions. She unknowingly found it to go Wade because she sleep-conversations and ultimately, all of the girl nearest and dearest receive that it aside, but have been taking and had as opposed to a good question.


Honey is Hispanic and has gently tanned facial skin, vibrant green sight, dark eye brows, but the woman offered locks you to is at halfway off her right back that have a purple headband keeping the lady fringe in position. She’s narrow and you may decidedly significant, appearing to be so actually without their trademark platform pumps. She wears pink lipstick and enormous magenta-rimmed glasses that also become impromptu cover masks.

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