All demands for a person’s venue and term.

Accurately explain the explanation for asking for user facts or apply accounts linking

It is vital that you demonstrably and truthfully divulge the genuine busine reason behind asking for individual data including e-mail, telephone number, date of delivery, gender or personal tastes. If you use the Permiions API you should reveal this when you look at the “context” industry within the matching approach.

Behavior include prohibited from asking for listed here data via the conversational user interface (text, image or message) in most situations.

Installment or monetary information

Examples: credit score rating and bank account data. Make reference to the Financial Services policy.

Authentication information

Advice: this may involve full or limited pawords or PINs.

Identification data

Advice: paport number, nationwide ID amounts, societal safety number, people licenses number or income tax IDs.

Healthcare facts

Sensitive Personal Data

Advice: requesting an individual’s ethnicity, political affiliation, sexual direction, or religious affiliation.

Membership back linking and identity

You might use yahoo Sign-In and/or the accounts Linking API with OAuth 2 to produce a match up between a Bing individual and a current non-Google account on your system. Whenever applying profile connecting utilizing OAuth, you must own your OAuth endpoint or have power over they with an OAuth professional. Never supply URLs from Identity service providers straight within Actions on the internet setting. One OAuth config per Action bundle try authorized

Don’t use all other way to aociate a Google user with an account on the program, including utilizing an aociation from another motion participating in membership linking, or requesting a message or contact number. For example, if you offering several measures needing profile connecting, each activity must alone utilize the Account connecting API — utilizing the setup explained inside the respective actions plan — to aociate the yahoo individual making use of the established levels.

Should you begin accounts connecting mid-conversation, after that ahead of triggering the accounts linking proce you must explain why you are compelling an individual to connect her profile.

You shouldn’t ask any OAuth extent from yahoo unle the consumer was signing directly into your own provider using Google Sign-In. You should not promote consumers to consent to extra Google OAuth scopes by leading them to a webpage or actions.

If Google cannot test and check the Action’s account linking ability, it will not be recommended. This includes behavior that offer incorrect credentials for evaluation, or fail to hold her recommendations updated.

Malicious behavior

Do not allow steps that take facts, covertly supervise or harm users or which can be usually malicious.

We do not allow behavior that hinder, interrupt, damage, or acce in an unauthorized way the user’s unit or other devices, computer systems, machines, networks, software programs connects (APIs), or treatments. Including different measures, any yahoo solution, therefore the device’s community.

All activities that collect individual facts must conform to the consumer information plan and totally divulge their unique features.

Listed here are explicitly restricted:

  • Trojans, trojan horses, malware, malware, and any other destructive computer software.
  • Advertising or facilitating the circulation or installing malicious computer software.
  • Introducing or exploiting security vulnerabilities.
  • Stealing a user’s authentication info (eg usernames or pawords).
  • Deceiving people into disclosing private or authentication records.
  • Indicating the experience has shut or exited, but continuing to record the user.
  • Operating various other Actions minus the owner’s prior consent.
  • Privately collecting equipment application.

Steps as well as their listings on Directory mustn’t give any methods to stimulate or acce functionality that violate these words.

Protection vulnerabilities

If for example the activity are aociated with a safety susceptability which can be abused to undermine another actions, software, tool, or solution, we may eliminate it to guard users.

Facts feeds

In the event that you create us with catalogs, menus, or other data via a facts feed or any other process, the information must comply with these procedures, like the sections on Prohibited articles and rational residential property. You need to correctly carry out all technical requirement and supply articles for all needed fields. The information provided need to be strongly related the employment situation of feed and precise. We may disable the feed (or some from it), disable utilization of the facts, or eliminate any associated Actions for violations among these policies or if perhaps they create an unhealthy consumer experience.

Monetization and advertisements

No in-conversation ads tend to be permitted.


We do not enable behavior that directly or indirectly practice or reap the benefits of promotional methods which can be misleading or harmful to consumers or perhaps the developer environment. This can include measures that do the following behavior:

  • Making use of deceptive ads online, measures, and other attributes, such as notifications being comparable to system announcements and alerts.
  • Manipulating or inflating practices stats, and product reviews, score or studies.
  • Marketing or involvement strategies that redirect users to install applications or trigger different measures without well-informed consumer motion.
  • Engaging in unsolicited advertisement via SMS solutions.
  • Supplying payment for making use of behavior, including cash, digital or actual merchandise.

Truly their obligation to ensure any advertising companies or associates aociated together with your Action follow these plans and never utilize any forbidden publicity ways.


All behavior must follow these specifications:

  1. Don’t exprely direct people to an internet site ., telephone number, cellular application or renewable repayment approach to accomplish a transaction, whether within motion via links or advice potato chips, or in the experience description. Like, don’t tell a user to see a web site, Action, or real venue (or supply a linkout chip) with a call to activity to checkout or shell out. This limitation will not connect with App Actions.
  2. If your Action makes it possible for customers to accomplish an actual products or services deal, or make a reservation or reservation, it ought to put into action the purchases API for Aistant. Incorporating items to a basket isn’t considered a transaction.
  3. In case your Actions makes it possible for users to perform an electronic digital purchase or get a subscription, it needs to carry out the online Purchase API.

The subsequent buys and purchases (any agreement between a person and a busine to fulfill a good or services) is supported on steps online:

Bodily products or service such as:

  • Order or purchase of bodily items (like food, clothing, housewares)
  • Purchase of real providers (such auto treatments, cleaning providers, airline tickets, edibles shipping, entry for alive activities)
  • Reservations and bookings (for example rooms in hotels)
  • Top-up solutions

Online items or providers such as:

  • Purchase of electronic goods (including digital currencies, extra lives, added fun time, and special products)
  • Subscription service (including fitne, matchmaking, studies and material membership solutions)
  • Acce to motion usability and features (like material or treatments)

Presently, steps on Google never help revenue transfers from just one consumer to another, either immediately or via a licensed funds transmitter or contributions to altruistic or governmental agencies. This regulation will not apply to App Actions.

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